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Banking supervision in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, supervision of banks, since 1991, and investment companies, is carried out by the Office of supervision of the Central Bank in accordance with the Law on principles of organization of banking activities (1948) (later supplemented by the regulation on the procedure of liquidation of banks, the roles and powers of external audit) and the new law on the supervision of the credit system (1992). The staff of the Department consists of 50 people, including the head, his 4 assistants, adviser, specialists in the field of analysis, Secretary.

Each of the assistants directs the work of 2 master of auditors has in its subordination 2 employees (auditors). Most of the employees of the Department (30 people) are professional certified auditors. Auditors bear full financial responsibility for the activities of the banks assigned to them, carry out documentary supervision, if necessary, go to the credit institutions supervised by them. More experienced auditors supervise more banks or banks in difficulty. On average, there are 7-8 small or slightly problematic banks per auditor, or 1 large Bank with serious problems. The auditor acts in close contact with the external auditor checking his supervised Bank.

He carefully examines the monthly and annual reports of the Bank and the letters of the external auditor to the Board on the results of his audits. At least once a year a meeting of employees of banking supervision with the external auditor of the Bank, during which the auditor has the opportunity to obtain additional information on the results of audits of calculations of annual financial performance of banks. Every 2-3 years, a meeting of the management of the commercial Bank and the Central Bank of the country is held, during which the activities of the commercial Bank are discussed. As a result of the meeting, a document fixing the agreements concluded by the parties is signed.

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