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Banking supervision in France

In France, the banking Commission, a state administrative body independent of the Bank of France, but working closely with it, is responsible for the supervision and control of banking activities. The Commission is headed by the Governor Of the Bank of France. Employees of the working body of the Commission-the General Secretariat-are in accordance with the law on banks only employees of the Central Bank.

The duties of the Banking Commission include the study of the conditions of credit institutions, control over their financial situation, as well as the observance of professional ethics by Bank employees. In carrying out administrative supervision, the legality of the operations of all credit institutions in the country, not only operating in France but also foreign branches, is checked.In its work, the Banking Commission is guided primarily by the results of periodic inspections of the financial documentation of the supervised institutions, but if necessary, it also conducts on-site inspections. The audits shall be conducted in accordance with the instructions for the review of any Bank documentation.

The Commission may apply a variety of disciplinary sanctions. In addition to the warning and censure, it provides for the prohibition or restriction of activities, temporary suspension of one or more managers from work and their official demotion, cancellation of licenses, monetary fines. If necessary, the Commission may appoint a temporary head of a financial institution or Chairman of the liquidation Commission. One of the main tasks of the Central Bank in the implementation of supervision is to determine the likelihood of banks in difficult situations in the future. In identifying such problems, the Central Bank takes the necessary measures to overcome them:   

  • write-off of the Bank's assets, which entails the need for additional capital increase;
  • limitation of certain types of lending;
  • strengthening internal control in the Bank;
  • improvement of management or replacement of senior managers of the Bank.

If the Bank fails to implement the appropriate measures within the prescribed time frame, a system of penalties shall be applied. The last resort is to close the Bank. Usually, the preference is given to the means of moral influence on the head of those credit institutions, whose activities should be corrected and improved.

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